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Four Fun Sports That Are Easy To Pick Up & Enjoy With Friends

There are a number of reasons why one might be motivated to pick up a new sport. They are so often a great way to improve our fitness, growing our stamina and physical wellness. However, a perk that is occasionally overlooked is their social value. Sports, especially team-based sports, can be a brilliant way to spend time with friends or even make new ones.

After an extended period of time experiencing various degrees of lockdown, socializing, most importantly outdoors, can be immensely beneficial, helping us to keep in regular contact with others and maintain our mental wellbeing. This, coupled with the aforementioned physical benefits of sports, makes them a worthy pursuit. So, if you’re looking for a social sport that’s easy to pick up, we’re sharing four of the most popular.


While not yet as popular as football, soccer’s international popularity is growing in the US, even surpassing the NHL, with many cities and towns having their own leagues and teams. Games are easy to organize and with simple rules, it is a brilliant gateway sport, one that can be enjoyed casually with friends and family, or at a more competitive level, enabling you to join a group of eleven driven individuals and bring your local team to the top of the table. Plus, to get started, you need little else other than a soccer ball and some sneakers!


Some will be looking for sports that pit them one-on-one with a friend, which can be much easier to organize than trying to meet up with a larger group. Most locations in the USA will be relatively close to a tennis court and many will even offer outdoor and indoor options too, meaning that you can arrange to play all year-round. The intensity of games relies entirely upon who you play with so if you’re looking to start out, be sure to play with someone of the same ability, or someone with plenty of patience!


If you are by a body of water, whether a lake or ocean, you have open to you a world of watersports. One such sport is stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP, which not only offers a relaxing opportunity to explore the waterways of your area but is also ideal for beginners, especially those who might feel concerned about their physical ability. This accessibility is, in part, why SUP has become so popular since it is open to a wide range of ages and abilities.


For friends who simply want to be active outdoors, climbing, or bouldering, is a superb way to spend your time. If you are just starting out, there are a number of climbing facilities across the country, those with training pads and beginners’ inclines to help you get comfortable. Then, once you and your friends are ready, you can begin exploring the wild and taking your new skills outdoors. Climbing is also a great full-body workout, one that will develop great core and upper body strength, making it an ideal pursuit for those wanting to get into shape.

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